Now that everything is official you're probably thinking "...what's next?" Well, below are a few suggestions along with some helpful tips to get you started.


If your package includes an engagement session we can schedule a time and place for that. You choose the location or I can give a few suggestions of places that I love shooting at. These sessions last 1-2 hours and you'll be getting the photos delivered to you via Digital Download 3 weeks after. Bring an extra outfit if you'd like!


If you have a rough draft of the timeline for the day of your wedding I'd love to take a peak. I might be able to maximize the time we have together...because who really needs 4 hours of dancing photographed?


My good friend Jeff Marsh wrote 9 Reasons To Do A First Look and I think every couple that is getting married should read it. I'm not going as far as that you must do a first look but it's definitely something to consider! About 75% of my couples do a first look and none have regretted it. 


There's a lot of things throughout the day that we can control when it comes to light but one thing we can't is light during the ceremony. Please make sure that when you're standing up there in front of everyone that you two are either both in the shade or both in the sun. Nothing hurts more than trying to edit a photo with a bride that's nicely lit and a groom that's a dark silhouette!


Although you can add a la carte items at any point after booking there's no guarantee that the prices will remain the same. The only way to guarantee that is too book asap.


If you're having trouble finding other vendors just let me know and I can send you a list of people that I've enjoyed working with.